The Importance of Irrigating Your Pasture

In the world of agriculture, irrigation plays a pivotal role in supplying water to crops through man-made means like pipes, sprinklers, or canals, when we otherwise can’t rely on the unpredictability of our natural environment. Irrigation offers a consistent, efficient, and reliable solution to ensure your pastures receive the water they need to provide optimal crop growth and production.

Why is irrigation so important?

When it comes to nurturing crops, water is an essential component, but irrigation does a lot more than just quench your crops’ thirst. Irrigation keeps crops healthy, fights off droughts, and even cools things down for optimal growing conditions. Effective irrigation improves the quality and quantity of crops, boosts productivity and profitability, and encourages sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.By using water resources more efficiently, farmers can reduce their environmental impact and conserve natural resources.

What are the methods of irrigation?

Depending on the purpose and goal of the irrigation system there are multiple irrigation management methods to explore.

  1. Furrow systems: Shallow channels direct water down a slope, usually straight but sometimes curved to match the terrain.
  2. Flood or border check systems: Here the paddock is divided into bays by parallel ridges. This method is best suited to orchards, vineyards, pastures, and grain crops.
  3. Level basin systems: These systems have a level slope and closed ends. High volumes of water are applied to create a rapid and uniform ponding of the desired depth in basins.
  4. Centre-pivot sprinkler systems: A self-propelled system irrigates a large circular area by distributing water from nozzles mounted on a pipeline suspended by mobile towers.
  5. Hand move sprinkler systems: These consist of lightweight pipeline sections that are manually moved for successive irrigations. They are ideal for small, irregular areas.
  6. Solid set and fixed sprinkler systems: This is a stationary sprinkler system with fixed pipelines and elevated sprinkler nozzles, commonly used for frost protection, crop cooling, turf, and landscaping.
  7. Hard Hose Irrigators: A hose reel with Irrigation hard hose, the hose reel slowly retracts the hose, with sprinkler on the end of the hose onto the reel, Irrigating as it rewinds.
  8. Travelling gun sprinkler systems: A self-propelled sprinkler mounted on a wheel or trailer, which applies water through a flexible rubber hose and moves along a guided lane via a cable.
  9. Side-roll wheel-move systems: These systems consist of a pipeline with large-diameter wheels that allow it to be rolled as a unit across the field.
  10. Linear or lateral-move systems: Lateral lines and towers move in a continuous straight path across a rectangular field, like centre-pivot systems.
  11. Low-flow irrigation systems: Low-flow irrigation systems, such as drip and trickle, use small tubes to deliver frequent, slow water applications to the root zone, minimising evaporation and avoiding runoff. They are typically utilised in orchards, vineyards, or high-value crops.

Effective irrigation is crucial for successful farming. Introducing an irrigation system into your practices improves crop quality and quantity, increases productivity and profitability, and promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices by using water resources more efficiently.Go on, make it rain!

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