One of the things that make greenPRO so unique is the ambitious shared purpose of making great, widely available products that add value to the lives of our owners. So, what exactly does it mean to make great products?  To us it’s simple – every truly great product owes to how it does its primary function.  The right implement for the job is just that – the right implement.  The steels are top notch, the heat treatments are perfect, and there are no useless or extraneous bits to muddy up the usage.

It’s got to be easy to use, reliable, durable, affordable and better than any other similar product available on the market. greenPRO has always believed in these simple but demanding principles while making implements for small farms. From the Sprayer Trailer to the Irrigator, every implement made and technology used for small farms and hobby farmers have been diligently designed, extensively tested and peer reviewed to ensure the user gets the most desired outcomes.

Last week, greenPRO invited Geoff Hall, the Queensland Water expert for Davey Water Products (more popularly known as Davey Pumps) to come by – ostensibly to check out our new GPI-60 Travelling Irrigator, which is entirely solar powered. Now, we also had a little surprise for Geoff – we wanted his take on our new Dam Pump Trailer (more on that later).

Geoff Hall has priceless experience in pumps and booster sets for farm, household, swimming pool and fire fighting applications. He also represents a company that has a longstanding history of credibility and an impeccable track record for making reliable, quality, durable water pumps. Geoff has been intimately involved in the design of our new irrigation system and has provided his views on ways we could improve the concept of our design, the technology we used and if we could add more functions or any useful components that we haven’t already thought of.


Simple!  Expert feedback leads to expert products, and that’s exactly what we do here at greenPRO.

Geoff spent some time at our greenPRO headquarters to inspect the final product of the Solar Powered Travelling Irrigator, to assess the design and to share his feedback on the functions of the irrigator system. The exercise was a part of our ongoing and never ending endeavor to ensure the owners of our implements get the best quality implements, which are durable, reliable, fully functional and powered by state of the art technology. As we continue to expand our line of implements for small farms and hobby farmers, we intend to roll out our brand new irrigator that will not only make property maintenance tasks easier and more efficient but have also eliminated complicated hose and wire management issues with conventional systems, making it simple and easier to use.


The Dam Pump to be released October 11,2016 by greenPRO

Geoff explains “If you’re a farmer, it’s fantastic! All you have to do is back up your quad bike, hook it up to your irrigator and off you go. You could just run down on your quad bike, throw it in the dam and everything is all there for you, it creates its own fuel, it carries all the water all in one job, it’s so simple!”

Now, while we had Geoff in the shop, we also solicited some feedback on our newest project – our Dam Pump Trailer.  As usual, we’ve coupled the best components together – Davey Pumps, Honda motors, and truly durable input and output lines fitted with our top-notch cam lock fittings.  The result?  A Dam Pump that works with irrigators and is over designed and over built.

Little things like stainless steel reel shafts give you years of worry-free service, a healthy 23-litre fuel tank and 25-litre water tank for handling all the priming duties and actually ?ll the suction line, and remote cut-outs to stop the motor when you need the irrigator to shut off.  As with all of our implements, it is built on our steel frame and powder coated for loads of corrosion resistance.

Geoff’s thoughts on the Dam Pump Trailer? Another thumbs up!

We’ll keep you “in the loop” as we continue to refine how to make the Dam Pump Trailer even better – but make sure you stay on the lookout for it coming soon … in fact, we’re looking at delivering the first production units by October 11, 2016, and the only way that we can do that is to make sure that we have the valuable feedback of experts like Geoff Hall of Davey Pumps.


The Dam Pump Trailer to be released October 11, 2016.

Rest assured that the team at greenPRO will continue to seek expert advice to make excellent products, so you continue to bestow your unfailing trust on our products and our company.


Mr Geoff Hall gives the greenPRO team the thumbs up as a sign of approval for the new GPI-60 Travelling Irrigator. All systems go!