Australians love an underdog – but we love a homegrown success story even more.

A world away from the bright lights of Sydney, Linga Longa Farm is nestled five hours north of the city in the Manning Valley of New South Wales. With long hours, soaring operating costs, smaller margins and minimal rain – maintaining a life on the land has become increasingly difficult in recent years. However, Greg and Lauren Newell made a conscious choice to do things differently, and have managed to come out on top.

Greg and Lauren at the Farmers Market

Farm stays and home-grown meats

The 200 acre property is situated five minutes from the historical town of Wingham, and supplies an eclectic mix of farm stay accommodation, grass fed beef and pasture raised pork. Greg and Lauren are extremely passionate about sustainable farming practices, and manage the farm with the aim of regenerating the soils and pastures.

Along with a booming online store, each Thursday the Newells pack up their truck for the five hour journey down to Sydney. Apart from a few deliveries on the way, you’ll find them selling cuts of certified grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef to their growing fan base at The Beaches Market and Carriageworks Farmers Market. Other than sourcing high quality products, Greg believes that consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the effects of climate change, and ultimately want to know what goes into their food and where it comes from.

Greg and Lauren met in 2009, with the former admitting that he’d previously been selling his Hereford cattle “the usual way”. Armed with a background in marketing, Lauren made the move from Canberra. With fluctuating beef prices, social media advertising allowed Linga Longa to take some control back with how their product was represented and sold – which in turn got the Newells to start thinking outside of the box.

Greg with his GPI-150 Irrigator

Quality over quantity

In a recent interview with NSW Farmers, Greg outlines that for Linga Longa Farm – it’s always been about quality over quantity, along with keeping it local.

“In the old days, the supermarkets tricked farms into having bigger, fatter animals – and getting a better price, sure, but people forgot about the eating quality. The beauty is the abattoir is only 7km away so there’s no stress factor on the animals. Unlike other producers, where the cattle might be on a truck for up to 48 hours, ours are there within 10 minutes.”

Without any grain on the property, the quality of the grass and soil for their cattle is paramount. While sustainable farming practices are a big commitment, Greg believes that their methods have helped to keep them going through the drought.

Focusing on Mother Nature

“Instead of using high-input chemical fertilisers, we’re now a regenerative farm. You’ve got to take time to understand the pastures. Look at the soil, at what’s going on with the grass, try to guess what Mother Nature’s up to. A lot of the natural grasses are coming back.”

Keeping in line with their minimal impact farming practices, Greg and Lauren recently purchased a GPI Solar-Powered Travelling Irrigator from us at greenPRO. Designed and constructed in Australia with efficiency in mind, the GPI range harnesses the power of the sun, to power the hose reel and retract the sprinkler. Operating on water pressures as low as 20psi, the addition of the travelling GPI has allowed the Newells to save time AND water, along with an irrigator that does the work for them.

Helped us to maintain our farm during the drought

“I did a lot of research into Australian suppliers. Agricultural equipment is a long term investment, so you want to get it right – and the GPI Irrigator has exceeded expectations. It’s easy to move, travels well, is very efficient for our needs, and has ultimately helped us to maintain our farm during the drought. While we’ve had people drive past and stop to ask about it, even our farm stay guests want to help out and use it! The after sales service at greenPRO has been second to none.”

The GPI is available in three sizes, and offers a spray diameter from 38-48 metres. It’s unusual to see an irrigator that provides such versatility on the Australian market, and it’s been designed to maintain pastures, horse arenas, crops, nurseries, lawns and even sports fields.

For the Newells, it also offers peace of mind – it’s clear that they are doing everything they can, in order to leave their farm in top condition for future generations that are yet to come. If you would like to discuss options on sustainable farming practices or our chemical-free organic products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 768 748 today.

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