Field Days 2024

Join GreenPro at our field day events for 2024!

We’re hitting the road this year and heading to various field days across Australia.

If you’ve decided to make changes to how you handle chores around your farm this growing season, spend some time with GreenPro. Test out our premium, Australian-made durable implements designed to save you significant time and effort every month of the year. See the GreenPro team demonstrating how our premium range of small farm implements can help in cultivating lush green pastures.

We’ll be offering exclusive deals tailored for field day attendees, so don’t miss out! We’re eager to meet you this year, so remember to drop by for a friendly chat and say g’day.

Can’t make it to a field day? No worries! Give us a call on 1800 768 748 and we can arrange a free demonstration.

We look forward to seeing you all this year, see the full list of field days we’ll be attending below. You can also stay updated on our whereabouts through our Facebook page.




12th to 14th of April

  • Seymour Alternative Farming – Site Number B65

3rd to 5th of May

  • Tocal Field Days – Site Number 286


4th to 6th of June

  • FarmFest – Site Number H22



12th to 13th of July

  • Mudgee Small Farms – Stay tuned for our site number!



20th to 22nd of August

  • AgQuip Field Days – Site Numbers E11




30th to 31st of August

  • AgriShow – Site Number C13


19th to 20th of October

  • Murrumbateman – Site Number Y57

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