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The greenPRO Steam System offers a safe and organic way to eradicate weeds naturally, using steam heated technology.

As you know, steam is the only chemical-free method for controlling weeds, so greenPRO as designed a new range of steam weed control units, specifically designed for organic farms, parks and around public areas such as playgrounds, urban streetscapes, sports grounds, schools and in particular around waterways.

It is also safe to use around livestock, crops, people and natural ecosystems. 

No more pulling weeds by hand or risking the integrity of your grounds. It can be used in any weather, without chemical run off or potential harm to surrounding areas. 

Three Sizes

greenPRO steam comes in three different sizes to suit a range of transportation, including a trailer option to towed behind an ATV , UTV model can be mounted as a slip-on to your UTV or side-by-side farm vehicle, or outr full FTB Unit to be slipped on the back of a UTE or truck, with with 2 aluminium lockers, bunded and vented with gull-wing doors for all your PPE gear and equipment

All units feature greenPRO’s innovative design and Quik Spray’s unique remote-controlled reel retraction, all powered by a 20 Watt solar panel. 

How It Works

The greenPro Steam units applies pressurised hot steam, which explodes the weed cells, causing them to wilt and die. This method uses water only, eliminating the need to use any chemicals. This is a chemical-free alternative for use in public areas like playgrounds, public amenities, footpaths, sports grounds, and schools.







MOTOR: Honda GX200 OHV motor, electric start
PUMP: Bertolini PA430 triple diaphragm pump (40L/min 580psi max working pressure
BOILER: Stainless steel 12V diesel steam boiler. 8L p/min. 20L diesel tank
ELECTRICS: Electric key start control panel. 30amp alternator. Digital temp control. 20amp solar panel for battery charging 
TANK SIZE: 400L UV stabilised tank
REELS: 25m of high-temperature insulated hose. Comes with heat-protected lance and shroud
FRAMEWORK: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
DIMENSIONS: L=2500mm x W=1180 x H=1650
WEIGHT: 360kg


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