greenPRO is proud to be a sponsor of the Equestrian Australia, Show Jumping Competition which aims to promote Equestrian Australia’s offering to raise awareness of the sport amongst corporate businesses, primary industry and the general public.

Join greenPRO and the good people from the Caloundra Pony Club on Saturday and embrace our love for the outdoors! What promises to be a show-jumping day there will also be special offers and prize giveaways during the event. Bring your friends and make new friends as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our wonderful equestrian community.

The EA Show Jumping Competition is scheduled to commence Saturday 25th February 2017 at 9:30 am at the Caloundra Pony Club Grounds on Pierce Avenue in Caloundra West, Sunshine Coast. All EA members and Members of the CPC are invited to attend and day memberships will also be available for non-EA members who choose to compete in the in the Club Classes Ring.


Jumping is probably the best known of the equestrian disciplines recognised by the FEI where men and women compete as equals in both individual and team events. In modern Jumping competitions, horse and rider are required to complete a course of 10 to 13 jumps, the objective of which is to test the combination’s skill, accuracy and training.

This event is run under EA Guidelines and Policies. Riders and equipment are required to confirm with ALL current EA Regulations and Standards, for more information please see the website for details https://www.qld.equestrian.org.au

For more information on the EA Show Jumping competition please see website https://www.caloundraponyclub.com/eventscalendar.htm

We hope to see you all at the EA Show Jumping competition at the CPC this Saturday!


Ring 2 Max 3 Classes Per Horse $7.50 Each Class.

Ring 1 Max 2 Classes per Horse $15.00 for Classes 1 – 3

Grand Prix $30.00 per Horse.