Our GreenPRO reps are hitting the road and making their way to your area! If you’re interested in seeing firsthand how our GreenPRO implements can help you with your irrigation and seeding needs, call us today to set up a free demo! We’ll be travelling with our GPI Solar Powered Traveling Irrigator and GP1200 6-in-1 Seeder.

Solar-Powered Irrigation Showcase: 

The ultimate solution for lush green pastures! Our groundbreaking range is 100% electric and solar-powered, setting it apart in the industry. With powerful 12/24V-volt motors, water pressure loss and wastage are minimized, offering enhanced efficiency. The on-board 35AH AGM solar-charged battery ensures a full 8 hours of motor operation without recharging, enabling seamless day and night use.

Versatile 6-in-1 Seeder Demonstrations: 

The GP1200 allows you to disc, plough, fertilize, seed, cover, and roll in a single pass with just an ATV or UTV, minimizing soil compaction. With a no-till approach, the Seeder cuts through the pasture, minimizing soil disturbance. It can slice between 5mm to 30mm during seeding and up to 100mm when discing.

Have a mate or fellow farmer interested in seeing the GreenPRO range in action? Bring them along! The more, the merrier. This is a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and foster a community committed to better farming practices.

Call the team today or enquire through our contact page to secure your free demo today! 

Latest delivery of our GPI-100 out to Combroon

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