Essential Tips for Bushfire-Prone Areas

When living in bushfire-prone areas its essential to reduce risk of fire danger to not only your own property but to your neighbours as well. It’s a lot easier to defend a prepared home against bush fires aiding in the resilience of the broader community.

Here’s a condensed guide to ensure you’re prepared for this fire season:

Regularly maintain your property by clearing gutters and roofs, considering gutter guards. Seal open areas under decks and floors and install steel wire mesh screens on windows, doors, vents, and weep holes. Ensure LPG cylinder relief valves point away from your house and regularly check firefighting pumps, generators, and water systems. Seal gaps in external roofs and cladding, and relocate flammable items like woodpiles away from your home.

Create firebreaks by reducing vegetation along access paths. Regularly mow your lawn, remove excess flammable materials, and trim low-lying branches around your home.

Display house numbers for quick identification and ensure accessible space for fire trucks.

Irrigation: Irrigating your property is a vital component of your fire preparedness strategy. Ensure that your irrigation system is in optimal condition to provide a moist barrier around your property, enhancing its defensibility against encroaching fires.

Gather protective clothing and equipment, prepare evacuation and emergency kits, stock a first aid kit, review insurance policies, and regularly update your Bushfire Survival Plan. Prepare your pets for evacuation, including identification and necessary supplies.

Contingency Plan:
Develop a contingency plan recognizing the unpredictability of bushfires, covering scenarios like being away from home, having guests, or unexpected travel route closures.

Understanding Fire Season:
Understand that fire season in Queensland typically begins in July, running through October and possibly extending until February. Climate change is extending fire seasons with higher temperatures, more hot days, and increased fire danger.

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