We’re making it easier to reap the rewards of improved efficiency and productivity with our GPI100 Solar Powered Travelling Irrigator. For the month of April enjoy 15% OFF when you upgrade your irrigation system to a GPI100!

Solar powered, self-adjusting, and versatile, this innovative irrigator meets the diverse needs of modern farming. Make the most of set and forget technology with an automatic shut off system so you can get on with your day. An on-board solar charged battery also allows for unattended day and night operation with the motor powered for a full 8hrs without needing to be recharged.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer looking for an upgrade or a newcomer seeking a reliable solution for your agriculture needs, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our special GPI100 offer.

Our Solar Powered Travelling Irrigator range is the first of its kind, 100% electric and solar-powered, making it the ultimate solution for creating and maintaining green paddock, pasture, field, or park.

Take advantage of this opportunity now to enhance your irrigation capabilities.

Contact the team on 1800 768 748 and order your new GPI100 today to receive 15% OFF for the month of April only!

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