Alternative Herbicide Trial in Pinbarren

If you haven’t heard greenPRO has a fantastic new addition to the range called BioWeed Organic Herbicide, although it’s not exactly new to the market. BioWeed has been developed, tested and improved for over 20 years. It’s the safe alternative to using glyphosate and has been proven effective on thousands of weed species without harming the soil PH levels or microbia.

It was fantastic to attend the Alternative Herbicide field Day held at Pinbarren. A project that was the collaboration between Maroochy River Coordinating Committee, Noosa and District Landcare, University of the Sunshine Coast and BOS Rural. A day designated to show case trials conducted using BioWeed Organic Herbicide in comparison to traditional chemical spraying methods using glyphosate, acetic acid, perlargonic acid and the control in a riparian revegetation project.
A visit to the Trial site was able to show everyone how each product affected the tree growth and survival comparing the organic alternative as opposed to the chemical equivalent. This proved to be beneficial and sparked conversations between all groups about the outcomes and possible introduction of using Organic methods within their current processes.


Those who attended included local land holders, farmers, School Grounds Keepers, Council and Landcare Groups all keen to see the outcome of these ongoing trials.
The welcome Morning Tea was very much appreciated, and gave all attendees a chance to discuss the findings of the Trial site visit with a lot of positive feedback from the results.
The final results were then presented to the group which highlighted the effectiveness of using Alternative Herbicides. In these trials it was proven that BioWeed had similar results to the glyphosate based chemical herbicides which was very well received.

A key feature of BioWeed is it’s ability to effectively kill the seed as well as the weed itself. This is critical to eradicating the weed permanently, as every weed produces 7 years of seed. Therefore incorporating BioWeed into your current program will reduce the number of sprays needed per year by 50%, making it sustainable as well as saving you time, labor, equipment and fuel costs.
The ultra pure formula has been developed with 92% active ingredients derived from sustainably farmed pine trees, making it safe to use. Derived wholly from plant extracts it is non toxic, therefore has no withholding periods on food crops or grazing animals. Certified Organic and sustainable this highly effective blend works fast to kill both the weed and it’s seed.
We look forward to more Field days like this and working with the local Community to discuss alternative sustainable solutions for weed control.

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