greenPRO at Aquis

greenPRO is excited to be attending Australia’s richest and most-awarded show jumping event, the Aquis Champions Tour.  The elite equestrian event is held at the prestigious Elysian Fields at Canungra and attracts more than 400 of Australia’s best showjumpers who will compete for more than $340,000 in prize money over 10 days.

Jack was proud to present the winner of the greenPRO 1.25m class Katie Laurie here at the Aquis Champions Tour 

Spread over almost 500 acres of prime pristine rural land at Canungra on the Gold Coast hinterland Elysian Fields features polo fields, show jumping facilities and acres of riding and relaxation country, plus luxury accommodation. Elysian Fields is the location for outdoor concerts by Elton John and others; the location for the biggest prize money show jumping competitions ever held in Queensland and the location for highest level of polo tournaments ever played in Queensland. This year’s competition culminates on Sunday May 5 with the $130,000 Horsepower Gold Tour Final.

Our Territory Manager Jack Cornford and greenPRO Marketing Manager Nicole Willet, were proud to introduce the greenPRO range of exciting small farms products. Designed specifically for Equestrian arenas and small farms, the GPI-100 Solar-Powered Travelling irrigator was of particular interest. Covering numerous features and smart technology, it captures the power of the Sun to charge the battery, so you can leave it to water overnight. It also has the capacity to work on extremely low water pressure, as low as 20psi.

It’s ideal for smaller areas of land, like small farms, parks, gardens, nurseries, hobby properties, sports fields, race tracks, golf courses, equestrian stables and arenas.

The GPI-100 Irrigator can water a 1-acre paddock in a single pass (so long as the paddock dimensions are 38 metres wide by 105 metres long). If you set the retraction speed for 6 hours from 2 to 12, the amount of water dispensed will be: 88 litres/min X 60 minutes X 6 hours = 31,680 litres. Over 1 acre or an area of 4000 square metres, this is the equivalent of receiving approximately 8mm of “rain.”

Jack has been kept busy showcasing the features of the new Manure Vac! It’s ideal for cleaning out your stables and maintaining your paddocks to keep them free of manure and pesky parasites. It slides easily into our Tipper Trailer so it can be easily towed behind a quad bike, the trailer has a 45° tipping angle, so you don’t have to shovel out the compartment, all within 4 seconds! The Tipper Trailer and the Manure Vac saves you time and reduces back-breaking work.

greenPRO is a proud sponsor of the event for the 1.25m height class (Ring 1 at 7.30am) and the 1.25m Open Height Class (Ring 4 at 7.30am)

Stay tuned to our Facebook over the next few days for photos from the event!

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